This is what I’ve been up tp


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    • Thanks. It is called Breaking Home and it takes place in Dearborn MI. You know how they say write what you know? Well, I finally started writing about my experiences with my dysfunctional family and things have been kind of taking off. I will get back to writing posts on Wednesday.

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    • What? no! my book’s not even ready for publication, it’s rough. It needs lots of work. I won Nanowrimo because I mastered the word count in 30 days. Lots of winners. I’m still excited.

      Why would your story have to chronological?


  1. Ha. Good question. I guess I figured that to tell a story…well that’s silly since I’ve read a lot of stuff with flash backs to the past and all. I don’t know. Maybe it’s just fear. I’m still struggling with my blog. In fact I’m about to make it private (for now) so I can feel more free to write about my stuff. I’ve been dx’d with BPD and many people assume the worst when it comes to people with it. I’m a conscious one but it’s still a struggle.

    In fact I figured it out a long time ago but was not able to get the proper help. And more recently when I was able to see therapists again, I kept going in there telling THEM I had it but until just less than a year ago I wasn’t able to find any therapist to agree.

    I think for the most part they think if you don’t self-injure then you don’t have it. Pretty frustrating when that’s just ONE of the traits in the criteria list.

    Sorry to go on like this, my mind goes to many places with one comment. Lol.

    I’m thinking the “How to write your life story in a fictional adventure novel” would be a great niche. It might sound funny but I’m serious. I think there are lots of us who want to do and feel completely overwhelmed as to how and where to start.

    And yeah, it’s still something to be excited about to win NanoWriMo, even exciting that you participated. I imagine it took quite a bit of discipline. I hope you let us (your readers) know when it’s out there published.


    • I wish you a lot of luck one your search to find the right therapist. I had a lot of frustration there too. I was diagnosed with BPD- I guess because I self-harmed- but I didn’t have it, I was troubled because of my home life.
      I like the sound of your niche, it sounds awesome. It sounds funny and serious.

      Since we were speaking of chronological order, did you see Cloud Atlas? I have to read the book because the movie was so awesome.


      • No, I haven’t. But I remember the previews and I want to see the movie. I probably won’t read the book though. My time is already pressed to read all the stuff I’ve got on my list. lol…most of it is non-fiction psychological self help or nutrition.

        Anyway thanks. I have only just started seeing a therapist who specializes in DBT. I’m hoping it works out. I like her and think she will be able to help me. But true to a borderline I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop that will sabotage my good graces here in finding her even if it is long overdue.

        It’s great you don’t have BPD. Funny (not haha) how that works in the opposite direction too. These therapists really need to learn how to see the whole person and whole picture. My home life was chaotic and abusive too and everyone comes out of situations differently.

        I’ve always thought that self harm can show itself in other ways besides cutting too. Certainly binge drinking is self harm but that’s not how the mental health professionals see it apparently.

        Anyway, I’ll look for Cloud Atlas. My library has movies for lending for free.


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